Signs You Have a Cavity

Signs You Have a Cavity

When you have a toothache, one possible reason for the pain is a cavity has developed. A toothache is not the only possible sign of a cavitiescavity, though. There are a few other symptoms that can be indications of a possible cavity. If you develop any of the signs of a potential cavity, it is important to see a dentist as soon as possible. Dr. Joonho Song is your dentist in Monrovia, MD, and serving Damascus, Mount Airy, Urbana and New Market. He can diagnose and treat your cavities.

Signs of a Cavity

One of the obvious signs of a cavity is a toothache, particularly when biting into something. Tooth sensitivity is another sign you might have a cavity. If your teeth are especially sensitive to foods and beverages that are hot or cold, you could have a cavity. Additionally, sensitivity to sweets is another indication of a possible cavity. The formation of a visible hole in the tooth is a sign of decay, which could mean a cavity has developed. Finally, changes in the color of the teeth can also occur in conjunction with cavities.

Treatment of Cavities

If you have any of the signs of a cavity, see a dentist in Monrovia and serving Damascus, Mount Airy, Urbana and New Market for diagnosis and treatment. The dentist can often identify potential cavities through a routine exam, but x-rays are usually taken to confirm the presence of cavities. If you do have cavities, the decayed area will need to be removed, cleaned and filled to seal the hole. Removing the decayed will stop the decay from spreading to other areas of the tooth. Filling the area after cleaning helps preserve the tooth so that it can still perform normal functions, such as biting and chewing.

There are several signs you have a cavity. Signs include a toothache, tooth sensitivity and visible holes in the teeth. A dentist can confirm whether or not you have a cavity and treat it if you do. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Song, your Monrovia, MD, dentist serving Damascus, Mount Airy, Urbana and New Market, call the office at (301) 831-6677.